Excellence in Writing

(grades 6-12)

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Instructor: John Menken B.S.English, M.Div.

For instruction in writing, we use Institute for Excellence in Writing programs extensively. While helping students learn different types of structure from the simple paragraph to the complex reports, the IEW program also teaches effective stylistic techniques such as adding quality adjectives or adverbs. This program made popular by gifted speaker/teacher Andrew Pudewa will turn even a reluctant writer into a confident one.

Students make key word outlines of a source text and then write paragraphs from their notes. Students learn to write descriptive, narrative, and informative paragraphs as well as multiple-paragraph essays. In the process, students develop their confidence and creativity and produce outstanding, mature compositions. Excellence
in Writing brings the “Wow!” factor to students’ writing.
This is a two-semester course. Order HBW-S,
Theme-based writing / history / US History-Based Writing Lessons, Vol. 1.
online.  www.excellenceinwriting.com.