Reading Comprehension and Fluency

Many children find it difficult to move from decoding individual words to reading whole passages. A child may be slow or labored in the process. Read Naturally is a reading fluency program that can be done a few minutes a day. By practicing oral reading with a mentor (e.g. a parent), a student can quickly develop speed, accuracy, and confidence in his reading.


In order to understand what one reads, he must be able to recognize and derive meaning from the printed words. To enhance this process, those words should create a picture or movie in one’s mind. Some students read but remember very little or only parts of the material. We teach the V/V method (visualization and verbalization) and find this to be a vital tool in reading comprehension.


A student must move beyond just answering factual questions about material that he has read. He must think critically about that material and be able to find the main idea, draw conclusions, or determine an inference. Such higher order thinking skills are practiced through the time-proven program of the SRA Specific Skills Series. Products may be ordered through distributors Paul or Patty Cates at (828) 435-0670 or (865) 685-0658.