As one of the best English teachers in the area, Mr. Menken’s teaching style is thorough and detailed. His teaching techniques foundationally equip students to compose with confidence and grasp English skills in a unique manner. Students are well instructed and can easily assimilate this in their writing skills. In addition to his home school and private education experiences, Mr. Menken’s years of experience in the writing field equip him to be a great English mentor for students.

Vicki Huftalin


It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for John Menken.

Several years ago I had the opportunity to audit a series of summer classes on creative writing that were being offered to high school aged students. My son was one of those students, and parents were invited to sit in on the classes if they desired. From the very first class through the last, I was impressed with two things… The first was the extensive knowledge of the written word that John possesses. The second was his ability to impart this knowledge in a clear and concise manner to his students. All of the students enjoyed his class as did I, but more importantly, they all walked away at the end of the summer series with improvement in their writing skills that far surpassed what I would have thought possible in a six week period.

Even though my association with John was only over this six week period, I was so impressed with his abilities that I do not hesitate to give him the highest of recommendations.

John O’Brien DDS


I took an English course from John Menken while in high school. I obtained writing skills that I have taken with me beyond his classroom.  I continually use what I have learned in everyday life and while studying at North Park University in Chicago, IL.  One day I will take those skills with me into the business world.  As a marketing major with a certificate in nonprofit leadership studies, I have realized the importance of both written and verbal communication. Thank you for your commitment to your students John!

Josephine Jacobson
North Park University ‘03
Marketing BA & Certificate of Nonprofit Leadership Studies


John has taught Grammar and Composition to a group of 6th and 7th grade students over the past 2002–2003 school year. The parents of these students have been pleased with what their children have learned and withJohn’s teaching ability. Without hesitation or reservation I highly recommend John Menken as a Grammar and Composition teacher.He has done an excellent job of teaching our students and I look forward to his returning for the 2003-2004 school year.
Barbara Huber


Night and day. That describes the kinds of changes we have seen in our 15 year-old son since we began tutoring with Bev Menken just 8 months ago. He was struggling greatly with high school level work due to low reading comprehension levels. Desperate for help, we came to Bev, who recommended using the Visualization and Verbalization program with him. This curriculum and Bev’s patient and clear teaching style have revolutionized how my son reads and learns. He has also gained new levels of confidence, which affects everything he does. He enjoys going to tutoring every week and continues to grow in his skills.
Yvonne Brandon


My son Peyton was really struggling with his reading and comprehension skills which were reflected in his PSAT testing. I began inquiring with contacts within the Christian Youth Theater program in Rockford to locate someone to help. I was given Bev Menken’s name. She provided a whole new system for Peyton which used his memory and auditory skills to increase his comprehension as well as a new way to process and recognize the sounds of letters and the combination of letters. I have already connected other Rockford Christian parents with Bev Menken because I felt that she provided outstanding skills and character as well as her ease in connecting to each of her students, which directly affects the students self-esteem. Mr. Menken also provided outstanding writing skills, which he shared with Peyton on several school papers. I really appreciate and respect Bev and John Menken and would highly recommend them to any parent looking to improve their child’s skills in the classroom.

Michelle Gottfred