Why Rockford Tutors?

We are Different

First, we are locally owned. Our services are tailor-made for each student, not prescribed by executives in some other city. We don’t have expensive overhead costs and advertising budgets either, so our tuition rates are more affordable.

Secondly, we are educational therapists. While many other tutors help students keep up with their assignments, we rebuild academic foundations. We use the best academic therapies we can find to help students decode and pronounce words confidently, to read fluently, to remember clearly, to write effectively, and to do math skillfully with understanding. Several of our programs are multi-sensory, using color, movement, and sound to make educational concepts memorable, even for students with learning disabilities. (See our Special Needs resource article on Dyslexia.)

We use the following programs, many of which are research based by top educators:

Thirdly, we equip parents. We encourage parents to sit in and observe our instruction. By preparing the parent to reinforce the tutoring lessons at home, we multiply the value of your tutoring dollars. Reinforcement at home builds a student’s confidence and allows him to progress more quickly.

We also offer parent mentoring workshops where several parents learn special methods in an adult group setting. See more at the “Our Programs” tab, “Parent Mentoring.”


Our vision is to see each student reach his full potential through specialized educational programs, guided parental involvement, and caring professional attention.